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Super rough 10 minute alt designs for Zoe and Jack based on a couple of excellent straydog733 tags!


Super rough 10 minute alt designs for Zoe and Jack based on a couple of excellent straydog733 tags!

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i promised raccoons and women so have some rocket and gamora

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welcome to beautiful duwang


welcome to beautiful duwang

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The way I dress is really about the message I want to send out to the world about who I am. Growing up in Alabama, I was black. I was poor. I was assigned male at birth — that’s how I like to put it. These things defined me, but I’m not any of these things. Clothes were a way for me to announce to the world who I was. I am not any of these things. This is who I am." - Laverne Cox

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friendly reminder that if i have ever befriended you and have not spoken to you in a while it’s nothing you’ve done wrong it’s just because i’m a piece of shit at keeping in contact with people and i still love you okay good

Adult women are now the largest demographic in gaming



Congratulations, gamer girls—you’re officially at the top of the food chain when it comes to games. A new study released by the Entertainment Software Association has revealed that adult women now occupy the largest demographic in the gaming industry. Women over 18 made up a whopping 36 percent of the gaming population, followed by adult men at 35 percent. 

I anxiously await pigeon dating themed shooters.


the struggle. curse Alistair and his dumb puppy charm!!

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"Magic can kill. Knives can kill. Even small children, launched at great speed, could kill."
- Zevran, Dragon Age: Origins (via dumbucket)
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He Was Raised By A White Mom And Didn't Think The Cops Were Out To Get Him. Until They Got Him.



I heard his story on NPR. His mom raised him to “not see color” etc. And the cops beat  the hell out of him when they pulled him over. It took seeing him in jail beaten half to death for her to see that race matters every day.

"I thought that love would conquer all and skin color really didn’t matter. I had to learn the really hard way when they almost killed you."

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